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katiegk04 [userpic]

this is for me

June 9th, 2009 (11:45 pm)

current mood: confused

i'm done living my life for other people. i'm done pretending and believeing they have my best interest in mind. i'm starting over with a clean slate and i'm going to start doing thing for me, that benefit me.
1. i'm starting public school again. i'm dropping german and taking art classes so i can get into an art coollege in two years.
2. i think i might break things off with my boyfriend. srry but no matter how amazing you are any hormone driven teenage boy is going to try to take advantage of me. frankly i've been there b4 and i won't put myself in that position again.
3. i'm getting a job. i'm getting a car. the day after i graduate i'm getting the hell otta here.
4. ana and mia keep me sane. i need them. i will get down to 115 by the time school starts.
5. i don't know how but i will love myself. i hate being depressed 24/7 and i hate hating myself. it needs to stop.
6. get temps
7. lay out:) it makes me happy and i need a tan
8. finish reading list